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Digital Diagnostic Impressions and Photography for Faster, Comfortable, and Accurate Results

Most dental patients expect to get dental films for all diagnostics. However, our patients are surprised we use digital photos and impressions as an alternative. These digital options are taken using a highly sophisticated intraoral camera to uncover what’s really happening inside your mouth. At Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry, serving patients in and around the Piedmont Triad, Dr. Tyler Wynne uses digital dental impressions alongside other technology-based tools to provide fast, comfortable, and accurate diagnoses.

Is your dentist getting the complete picture?

Many dental care professionals base their recommendations on what they can see during physical examinations and digital radiographs. Dr. Wynne views the patient’s digital photographs after every examination to ensure he’s as thorough as possible. We also use these digital images to explain your dental health.

We can show patients the complete picture of their mouth with digital photographs, including tight angles, using close-up views. Besides being a great tool to educate patients, digital photographs are a great way to document changes in a patient’s mouth. Furthermore, intraoral dental pictures help to communicate with other dentists when complex dental procedures are involved.

Digital impressions for accurate diagnostics

One thing that turns off many patients is the traditional way of taking impressions. Patients often bite a gooey, gag-inducing material that usually leaves a bad taste in the mouth. While conventional dental impressions work, no one loves the uncomfortable and unpleasant experience.

Today, dentists can take your oral impressions using digital scanners. Usually, this is a small, hand-held camera inserted in your mouth to take detailed images of your teeth and gums. Dentists can use the dental images to create 3D models of your mouth to help fabricate accurate dental restorations.

Benefits of digital impressions and photographs

Diagnostics has never been easier with digital impressions and photography. These modern diagnostic tools offer numerous benefits, including:

  • They are comfortable
  • They provide instant images for fast diagnosis
  • They offer accurate and super-detailed images
  • They result in well-fitting dental restorations
  • They don’t emit any radiation

Dr. Wynne and the team strive to provide excellent dental care using the latest techniques and equipment. We offer computer-based impressions and photos to deliver safe, comfortable, and instant results in dentistry. If you want to benefit from cutting-edge technology in the Piedmont Triad in Clemmons, NC, please book an appointment with Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry by calling us at (336) 793-0577.

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