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Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry, Your home for mercury-free AND mercury-safe dental care

There are almost 200 general dentists to choose from in the Winston-Salem area. Dr. Tyler Wynne of Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry distinguishes himself from other dentists in and around Clemmons, North Carolina, by providing exceptional, responsible, holistic, biocompatible, and aesthetic dentistry. Moreover, Dr. Wynne distinguishes himself from other reliable and well-respected holistic dental practitioners by providing mercury-safe dentistry. Other holistic and biocompatible dentistry practitioners may be mercury-free. But, on closer inspection, they are not mercury-safe. So, what is the difference? You ask. This is an important distinction that bears some explanation.

Mercury-free dental offices avoid the use of amalgam fillings. These fillings are made from an “amalgam” or combination of metals. They are called “silver” fillings due to their color. They actually contain very little silver. Mercury makes up around 50% of each filling by weight. The rest of the filling is made from metals such as copper, tin, and silver. Mercury is a known toxin. In an exhaustive review of research literature, the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology reports that more than 250 specific adverse symptoms are associated with dental amalgams containing mercury. While fillings in the mouth continuously release mercury, this toxin is released at higher levels when heated or altered during the filling removal process. 

For this reason, Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry is certified by the IAOMT as a mercury-safe dental office. We have demonstrated safeguards outlined by the IAOMT in its safe mercury amalgam technique (SMART) protocol. These safeguards include investments in equipment to filter the air of mercury vapors and particulate matter released during the removal procedure. Additional technologies are designed to properly, safely, and effectively remove, collect, and dispose of mercury waste. So, we are doing our part to be responsible community stewards, and our practice is also proud to be good environmental stewards, preventing toxic mercury waste from making its way into our waterways. 

Additional investments of time and money have been made in training. Dr. Wynne and his team have the know-how to effectively minimize the volume of particles generated as each filling is removed and to protect the patient (and themselves) from inhaling or swallowing mercury released as vapor or particles during treatment. Let’s get you on the road to a healthier smile and a healthier you! Please schedule an appointment at our mercury-safe, holistic dental office in Clemmons, NC, by calling (336) 793-0577.

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