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A Long-Lasting, Stunning Dental Crown, Made While You Wait, in One Visit, with the CEREC System

Advanced dental technologies support the most convenient and comfortable patient experience, precise treatment outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Naturally, we at Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry use the latest and most remarkable technologies whenever possible to ensure exceptional care beyond our patients’ wildest expectations. Notably, our team, led by the internationally-recognized aesthetic, and biological dentist Dr. Tyler Wynne, can make crowns while you wait from the comfort of our office in Clemmons, North Carolina, with the CEREC system.

Using CEREC, all it takes is a single visit to effectively rebuild a broken, badly decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth. At other dental offices, near and far, patients would require at least two visits to get their new crown–the first to prepare the damaged tooth and the crown, and the second to place the completed permanent crown.

The CEREC Process

“CEREC” refers to “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” While it sounds like a mouthful, CEREC refers to using computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques to make restorations (inlays, onlays or partial crowns, and full coverage crowns) in-house. These crowns are made from a highly esthetic ceramic or block of dental porcelain. This quality ceramic is of great value because it is solid, durable, and pleasant to the eye. Additionally, CEREC “same day crowns” save you time, money, and hassle, as only one trip to our office is necessary to complete the entire process–from planning and preparing to the actual placement, refinement, and cementing of the crown to the prepared tooth.

Our team uses sophisticated software to design each crown. This virtual crown model is then transferred to an onsite milling machine, which shapes the crown out of that block of quality porcelain. This high-tech process eliminates many human errors associated with the traditional crown-making process. For instance, goopy and uncomfortable bitewing impressions are not precise and can result in crowns that do not fit properly. Our digital process assures that the crown is made to your exact specifications. If adjustments must be made, we can refine the crown in a matter of moments while you wait. There is no need to have an outside lab re-make the crown and for you to return to our office for a third visit to place the re-made crown.

Further, the CEREC process eliminates the need to wear a delicate temporary crown. These crowns protect the prepared natural tooth site while the permanent crown is being made. They are fragile and can break, which would necessitate yet another visit to our office to secure the temporary crown. Since we can do everything in-house in one visit, the temporary one is unnecessary. You can enjoy your permanent crown right away–without the wait!

Call Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry at (336) 793-0577 to learn more. Our office in Clemmons, North Carolina, is pleased to support the oral health needs of individuals and families with sophisticated technology and skilled care.

Single Visit Crowns - Dr. Tyler Wynne

Single Visit Crowns - Dr. Tyler Wynne

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