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Dentures (Traditional and Implant Retained and Supported Dentures)
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Replace Your Missing Teeth with Comfortable and Natural-looking Dentures

While dental implants are the most preferred option for tooth replacement, dentures are quick and cost-effective alternatives for edentulous patients. Regrettably, dentures have a poor reputation because of what we have seen in movies or what we saw our grandmas wear. In reality, dentures have come a long way, and modern dentures are incredibly lifelike, lighter, and well-fitting. Quality dentures can dramatically change your life, especially if you have lost all or most of your teeth.

Ready to restore your smile with natural-looking dentures? Please book an appointment with Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry. Our dentures are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How dentures replace your missing teeth

Assumed there is only one type of denture? You’re mistaken. Dentures come in different sizes and shapes. The common types of dentures include:

  • Full dentures: These dentures are ideal if you have lost all or most of your teeth. They are held in place using adhesives or suction, although you can consider implant-retained dentures for more stability.
  • Partials: These dentures are similar to dental bridges. They fill the gap left by missing teeth using a set of artificial teeth anchored by the neighboring teeth.
  • Immediate dentures: Some patients don’t want to endure a toothless life even for a minute. We offer immediate dentures right after tooth extraction. But since these dentures aren’t custom-made, they need frequent adjustments to cope with bone loss.
  • Implant-supported dentures: Even the most quality dentures find it hard to keep up with the accelerated bone deterioration due to missing teeth. In light of this, your dentures may lose grip and tend to slip when eating or speaking. We can overcome this limitation with implant-retained dentures. These are dentures supported by implants placed at strategic locations in your mouth. This option is more stable and minimizes the effects of bone loss.

We custom-make your dentures to ensure they fit your mouth contours effectively. Once we take your bite impressions, our lab technicians can make appliances that fit well over your mouth. Furthermore, our dentures are made from high-quality materials for durability and natural results.

Complete your smile and restore your oral function with quality dentures

Dentures are a great option to overcome your “gappy” smile and enhance your oral function. If you want natural-looking dentures in the Piedmont Triad talk to Dr. Tyler Wynne. Please call (336) 793-0577 and schedule an appointment with Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry.

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