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Bio-compatible Materials for a Healthy Smile

Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry aims to give you a smile that functions well and feels great using safe restorations. If dental restorations cause sensitivity or irritate your tissues, they work against the goals of our dentistry. We want all our patients to harness the potential of our dental care services; that’s why we use biocompatible materials for improved comfort, safety, and an aesthetic outcome.

The practice of biocompatibility in dentistry

Because of the mouth-body connection, Dr. Tyler Wynne understands that the materials we use for dental restorations can have ripple effects on your health. We prefer biocompatible materials because they are non-toxic and don’t cause adverse symptoms in your body when used in your mouth. Our goal is to resolve your dental problem without introducing more issues in your body.

Biocompatible dentistry also means dentists try to avoid treatments like surgery when less invasive treatments can do the job.

Dental materials that concern biocompatible dentists

Dental restorations like dental fillings, inlays, and crowns use various materials. While the materials used work, studies have shown that some dental restorations pose safety concerns to patients over time.

For example, amalgam fillings have been used for years to treat cavities, but they contain mercury and change in size when subjected to thermal stresses. Toxin-laden restorations like amalgam fillings have no place in our dentistry. In fact, we offer safe mercury removal services to get rid of your unhealthy metal fillings.

Additionally, we understand the elevated radiation levels that traditional x-rays emit. We use digital x-rays (radiographs) to deliver improved diagnostics with less radiation.

What biocompatible materials do we use?

From composite and porcelain to zirconia, biocompatible dentists don’t have a shortage of materials to deliver safe results. While the options are many, the truth is that these materials may work differently from one person to another. With that in mind, a biocompatibility test is vital in establishing the most biologically appropriate material to use in your mouth.

Biocompatible dentistry for safe, outstanding dental care

Searching for a biocompatible dentist in the Piedmont Triad? Look no further than Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry. We are committed to providing our patients with the safest, least invasive treatments using toxic-free materials. Please schedule an appointment today with our dental team by calling (336) 793-0577.

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