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Biocompatible Composite Fillings (for Cavity Repair) Support the Sustained Health and Beauty of Your Smile

As an accomplished aesthetic and biological dentistry provider, Dr. Tyler Wynne appreciates that silver-colored amalgam fillings have no place at Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry. In fact, we not only avoid using amalgam fillings made from mercury, but our practice is also “mercury-safe,” which means that we are certified in protocols to remove these toxic restorations safely. These old or worn fillings are then replaced with non-toxic and lovely-to-look-at tooth-colored composite restorations. Likewise, we can get patients’ mouths back on the right track by placing aesthetic, non-toxic, and strong metal-free fillings from the get-go.

Clemmons, North Carolina Patients Rejoice

Our team, led by Dr. Wynne, partners closely with individuals and their families throughout the Carolinas and surrounding areas. These close partnerships are built on a foundation of routine visits to our office. So, we can catch problems before they require restorative care. We can also halt progressive conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. Our priority is to preserve your natural teeth and gums and to ensure you have comfort, safety, and a pleasant experience along the way.

Composite fillings are generally advised for patients with smaller cavities or eroded areas affected by dental decay, acid erosion, or tooth wear. Fillings are also conservative or less extensive alternatives to dental inlays, onlays (partial crowns), and maximum strength full dental crowns. The filling can be designed and placed in a single visit. To make each filling, we use non-metal materials, such as composite resins and ceramics. These materials are perfectly color-matched to blend well with the surrounding tooth and neighboring teeth. The filling is then secured to the natural tooth. To assure the strongest bond and restore the health and structure of a damaged tooth, Dr. Wynne will also remove the decayed tissues and clean or sterilize the tooth. We further use advanced technologies and gentle techniques to prepare the tooth as comfortably and conservatively as possible to restore the health of your teeth and avoid post op sensitivity.

Experience the Many Benefits

Yes, composite or “white” fillings are “pretty to look at.” They appear indistinguishable from healthy, natural tooth structures. Advancements in modern biocompatible aesthetic composites allows the filling to “disappear” and naturally blend in with your natural tooth structure. So, they are well-suited for highly visible teeth in the smile zone. However, they are also strong. Our fillings can withstand the forces from everyday chewing and other functions. We encourage patients with habits such as tooth grinding (chronic bruxism) to discuss ways to protect their natural and restored teeth from excessive wear and tear. And, of course, all teeth require TLC at home and at our office in Clemmons, North Carolina. Call Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry at (336) 793-0577 to schedule your visit today!

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