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Overcome Headaches and Jaw Pain with TMJ Disorder Treatment

If you have TMJ disorder (TMD), you may suffer from chronic jaw pain and constant headaches that never yield to medication. You may also suffer from seemingly unrelated symptoms in your neck and shoulders.

If you are experiencing TMJ-related pain, you shouldn’t “learn to live” with the pain. Please book an appointment with Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry, and your pain could be a thing of the past. Dr. Tyler Wynne uses simple but effective treatments to combat TMJ disorder.

What is TMJ disorder?

Temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, are two small hinge-like joints in front of your ears. Your TMJ helps your mouth to close and open when eating, laughing or yawning. Unfortunately, teeth grinding, infections, and injuries can irritate these joints, resulting in numerous unpleasant symptoms like:

  • Constant headaches and migraines
  • Jaw pain
  • Locked jaws
  • Clicking sounds when using your jaws
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Facial, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Difficulty opening your jaws
  • Dizziness (vertigo)

If you experience the above symptoms, please visit Dr. Wynne in Clemmons, North Carolina. We will evaluate your TMJ health for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How we treat TMJ disorder

You don’t always have to undergo surgery to manage your TMJ pain. Dr. Wynne can treat your jaw pain using simple, natural treatments. If we establish teeth grinding is the cause of your TMD, we prescribe an occlusal orthotic to reposition your TMJ, taking tension off the TMJ. Dental ozone therapy may also be indicated to help treat your TMJ pain.

We also administer jaw therapy to align and relax your TMJ. Besides, TMJ physical therapy improves your jaw’s range of motion and strengthens it against future injuries. Sometimes, your misaligned bite could be the cause of TMJ pain. We recommend orthodontic treatment to straighten your bite and crooked teeth in such cases. A healthy bite encourages the optimal performance of the TMJ.

Jaw Pain Treatment Near Me in Clemmons, North Carolina

Questions? Looking for a TMJ dentist in the Piedmont Triad in Clemmons, NC? Please schedule a consultation with Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry by calling (336) 793-0577. You no longer have to live with TMJ pain. Dr. Tyler Wynne and the team offer effective TMJ disorder treatments to ensure you have a healthy, pain-free smile.

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