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Advanced Gum Treatment For Optimal Dental Health

If Dr. Tyler Wynne catches your gum disease early, treatment is easy. We usually ask you to ramp up your daily oral care alongside professional teeth cleaning to reverse your gum infection. However, when treatment isn’t sought early enough, gum disease advances into periodontitis, which causes irreversible damage to your smile. Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry uses advanced periodontal care to restore your dental health at this stage.

Understanding advanced periodontal disease

Gum disease usually begins as gingivitis — an early form of gum infection caused by bacteria in the plaque built up in your mouth. Gingivitis usually results in mild symptoms like gum redness and swelling. Often, you may notice blood spots when brushing and flossing your teeth.

With proper dental hygiene, gingivitis is reversible. However, if you don’t take appropriate action, gingivitis advances into full-blown periodontitis when plaque hardens into tartar. Tartar infiltrates the spaces between your teeth and gums, creating deeper pockets that your toothbrush can’t access.

If you have periodontitis, bleeding gums aren’t your only concern. Gums pull away from your teeth, you develop chronic bad breath, and tooth loss occurs as your jawbone wastes away. Only advanced gum disease treatment can restore your gum health at this point.

Treating Advanced Gum Disease

If your periodontitis isn’t that severe, non-surgical periodontal treatments can help you overcome the condition. These treatments include:

  • Deep teeth cleaning: This treatment uses two procedures. Periodontal scaling removes tartar and plaque beneath and above your gum line. Root planing smooths out your tooth roots to eliminate harmful bacteria and encourage reattachment of your gums.
  • Dental Ozone therapy: This treatment involves the use of ozone to kill harmful pathogens and bacteria deep underneath your gums with the use of either ozone water, gas, or a combination of both. This biocompatible therapy comfortably and effectively re-establishes ideal periodontal health.

When your gum disease doesn’t respond to non-surgical treatments, you may need to undergo the procedures below.

  • Pocket reduction surgery — also known as flap surgery, your periodontist eliminates bad bacteria and recontours your gum line.
  • Soft tissue grafting — your periodontist restores damaged gums by harvesting healthy gums from the roof of your mouth (palate) and repositioning them back to your compromised gingival tissues. 
  • Soft tissue repositioning – a “Pinhole” surgical technique procedure is an option the periodontist performs to reposition the gum line to cover the exposed root surfaces of your teeth to help promote bone regeneration.  
  • Bone grafting — this procedure helps rebuild your jawbone after bone loss.

Whether you have mild or advanced gum disease in the Piedmont Triad or any surrounding area, you can trust Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry for effective care. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Tyler Wynne to help return your gums to optimal health. You can reach us at (336) 793-0577.

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