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Cracked Tooth Syndrome, what it is, diagnosis and treatment

Cracked tooth syndrome happens when a tooth has minor cracks that are too small to show up on x-ray images. Sometimes, the cracks are beneath the gum, making it even more challenging to spot them. These cracks are common in back teeth (molars) because of the daily pressure from chewing and biting. Since identifying cracked tooth syndrome is challenging, you need to book an appointment with an experienced dentist like Dr. Tyler Wynne for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Causes of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Like most dental conditions, there are several causes of cracked tooth syndrome. If you grind and clench your teeth, you may develop tiny stress fractures in your teeth as they absorb the grinding force. The other risk factors for cracked tooth syndrome include:

  • Teeth with large dental fillings
  • Misaligned teeth may put too much pressure on one tooth when chewing or grinding
  • A weakened tooth after root canal treatment

If you have cracked tooth syndrome, you may experience pain when chewing or biting. Besides, you may experience increased tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking cold or hot drinks and foods. The pain and discomfort aren’t constant, unlike when you have a cavity.

How we diagnose cracked tooth syndrome

Diagnosing cracked tooth syndrome is challenging, but it’s no match for our diagnostic tools. We rely on your medical history, symptoms, radiographs, and a complete oral examination to diagnose your problem. We may also use a special tool (a tooth sleuth) that looks like a toothbrush without the bristles. We ask you to bite down on the substance, each tooth at a time. If your tooth feels pain, that would indicate a possible fracture.

Treatment for cracked tooth syndrome

Treatment for your cracked tooth depends on its location and how deep or large it is. Minor cracks can be treated with a dental filling, but cracks that affect more than one cusp need crown treatment. However, if the damage has caused an infection of the pulp chamber, a root canal will be the ideal treatment.

We usually recommend custom night guards after dental restoration for patients who grind their teeth. Mouthguards prevent your teeth from developing cracks again.

Cracked Tooth Pain Relief in and around the Piedmont Triad

Suspect you have cracked tooth syndrome? You don’t have to continue living in pain. If you are in the Piedmont Triad or any surrounding area, please book an appointment with Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry for proper diagnosis and treatment by calling (336) 793-0577.

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