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Comprehensive Dental Exams Maintain Healthy Smiles

Your mouth is considered the “window” to the rest of your body because many illnesses and conditions first show symptoms in the mouth before manifesting elsewhere. Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry understands the mouth-body connection; that’s why we help patients achieve optimal dental health through preventive health care. While we emphasize that patients take care of their smiles at home, we insist on bi-annual dental exams to perform oral head and neck cancer screenings and to detect problems that may have escaped your notice.

Components of comprehensive oral examinations

We understand you live a busy life and could be hard-pressed for time. We have strategically designed our oral exams to make the most of your time. Our dental exams involve:

  • Physical and visual screening: There is a lot Dr. Tyler Wynne can spot by just examining and physically looking at your gums and teeth. We can detect subtle signs of dental wear, cavities, gum disease, misalignments, etc.
  • Digital films: Some dental issues can’t be picked out by the naked eye. Our dental team uses safe digital films to unearth issues lurking beneath your gum line. Digital film imaging can help detect hidden cavities, bone recession, cysts, bad bites, and gum disease.
  • Oral cancer screening: Routine oral exams aren’t all about gum disease and cavities. Our dental team also screens your mouth to rule out oral cancer. Our dentist examines your neck, throat, tongue, gums, and other oral structures to look out for lumps, sores, white patches, and other abnormalities that indicate the possible presence of oral cancer.
  • Dental cleaning: If we don’t find significant dental health issues, we do a dental cleaning. This procedure removes plaque and tartar from below and above your gum line to eliminate harmful bacteria. We also floss and polish your teeth for a glossy finish, and offer biocompatible preventative maintenance options with ozone therapy.

Dental exams set a baseline for your dental health to help detect health conditions before they become hard to treat. Simply said, dental exams help diagnose and treat oral problems before they become more prominent, painful, and costly to treat.

Stay in control of your oral health with routine dental exams

Is your dental checkup due? It’s never too late to salvage your dental health. Please reach out to Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry to book an appointment for an oral exam by calling (336) 793-0577. Our dental team will help you stay on track with your dental wellness goals.

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