Choosing a holistic approach to dentistry will help you keep your teeth longer while getting the magnificent,

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Holistic approach to dentistry


Healthy smile you deserve!

Carolinas BioHealth Dentistry is your go-to place for mercury-free and mercury-safe dental care in Clemmons, North Carolina.


Dr. Tyler Wynne provides

outstanding, ethical, holistic, biocompatible, and cosmetic dentistry.

We have exhibited the IAOMT's safe mercury amalgam technique (SMART) protocol protections.


We are a mercury-free dental office, as certified by the IAOMT

These protections include investments in technology to filter the air of mercury vapors and particulate particles emitted during the removal procedure. Additional technologies are developed to appropriately, securely, and effectively eliminate, gather, and dispose of mercury waste.


High Technology 

A biocompatible method for performing several routines and dental procedures. Because of the properties of ozone, this therapy "assistant" is also gentle, safe, and non-invasive. 


We also provide Ozone therapy

We want our patients to benefit from our dental care services, so we  employ non-toxic, biocompatible materials for increased comfort, safety,  and aesthetics. Our goal is to address your oral condition without  causing other problems in your body.


Our dental care services

Dr. Tyler Wynne performs the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (CMRT) to determine if you have a chemical sensitivity to biomaterials used in your treatment. Your blood samples will be utilized in this test.


Your blood samples will be utilized